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Angel Villanueva

Director & Founder

I'm Angel Villanueva photographer and cinematographer. I live in Puerto Rico and I specialized in the making of video commercials and music videos for more than ten years. I have also worked many projects in many cities of USA. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design and Digital Photography. I'm experienced in post production processes such as editing and color grading. Always looking to create a unique, innovative and skillful work, within my creativity, always searching new perspectives to bring the message and inspire others.

Through the years I have pushed myself to experiment in many areas of the digital arts using photography as my base. Since I was a kid, I grew up surrounded by art and collaborative environments. Watching how people enjoy their profession and how they make it part of their life is something that fills me with joy. For me there’s nothing better than enjoying your job because when you do, you know that you work with your heart. Photography is not the exception for me, it goes with me everywhere, it lives in me. It is a language that not many speak, but many do understand. It’s a form of expression. The light, the shadows, the shapes and the colors? My voice.


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