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About Us

Timeline Films is an audiovisual production company that offers a complete production services for commercials, digital content and music videos. Founded by Director and Cinematographer Angel Villanueva. This company have one of the most experienced advertising and music videos directors and producers in the industry. The creative vision of the team make them an important and exclusive collaborator for brands, companies and artist. Furthermore shares more than 20 years of experience in the filmmaking industry. They have executed important advertising projects, narratives, and many filmmaking pieces around Puerto Rico and the United States.


Exceed the expectations of our collaborators through organic creation with a professional and organized team, in addition to offering a first-class service to create an experience that promotes unity and commitment.


God above all things, family union, commitment and customer service, quality is our secret and passion for what we make.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of creative and technical services for producing advertising commercials, music videos, documentaries, and various high-quality audiovisual content. Working along side our creative teams, we help to develop ideas that can be brought to life within the parameters set by our clients. Our services are flexible and we work within various budgets to ensure that we can deliver the best results possible. We collaborate closely with both our clients and agencies to ensure that each project meets its objectives and exceeds expectations.


creation of script, storyboard, casting, locations, production design, budget management, catering, and amenities for clients and actors.


direction, camera, rigging, lighting, sound record, sound design, costumes, visual effects supervision, special effects, technical equipment and filming.


final phase, video editing, color correction, sound mixing, animations, visual effects, reviews, changes, among others.

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